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Your Generator Needs Love Too! Protect Your Investment

Call For A Free DiagnosisSometimes Standby Generators will go weeks, months and in some occasions YEARS nto being used. Like most engines, generators need to be ran, checked and undergo thourough routine maintenace. A good working condition generator can add SIGNIFICANT value to your home.

When the power goes out and your generator is supposed to kick on, that is NOT the time to find out your generator is not working at 100% efficeincy.  A strong Schedule Preventive Maintenance and proper diagnosed service will reduce the chances of your unit failing during a power outage.



A Preventive Maintenace Check Consists of the Following:

  • Electrical System Test
  • Inspection of belts, battery, filter, hoses, etc.
  • Oil check and Oil Replacement, including filter
  • Coolant testing for liquid Cooled
  • Spark Plug & Wire check (change if needed)
  • Air filter check (change if needed)
  • Load test
  • Remote Wireless Monitoring
  • Overall Condition Evaluation
  • Clean up and Corrossion Spray
  • Full Inspection Report to YOU!


Don't Let a Good Generator go BAD! Call us today at 410-777-5120 to have your scheduled for a Preventive Maintenance TODAY!